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PolySciTech is your “parts box” for research polymers and other products. We have a catalog of hundreds of polymers in-stock as well as can provide other products on a custom synthesis basis. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO REQUEST SYNTHESIS OF A NEW PRODUCT.

Our Newest Products

Acronym Name & Info Catalog Number
PLGA(-SH)2Poly(lactide-co-glycolide)-Dicysteine ethyl ester endcapped, (Mn 1000-5000Da, LA:GA 50:50)AI134
mPEG-PLGAMethoxy Poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly(lactide-co-glycolide), (MW~ 5000-75,000, 50:50 LA:GA)AK116
P(DL)La dialcoholPoly(D,L-Lactide)-dialcohol endcap, (Mn 35,000- 45,000Da; 1,10 decadiol initiated)AP181

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What we do

PolySciTech® (PST) is a division of Akina, Inc., based in the Purdue Research Park. PST focuses on commercializing specialty and “hard-to-find” research supplies.

Main product lines include PolyVivo (block copolymers of PLA, PLGA, PCL, PEG, as well as linear polymers, water soluble polymers, fluorescent polymers and reactive intermediates) and AQUAGEL® (rapidly swelling superporous hydrogel (SPH)).

PST is the USA distributor of Flamma Fluor fluorescent dyes from DKC-Bioacts. In addition to research products PST also performs contract research and custom synthesis to match your specifications.

We sell both directly and through our distributors.

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Sell your polymer

We are expanding our catalog and are accepting polymers developed by others. If you are a scientist and have a polymer to offer for sale, please contact John Garner (jg@akinainc.com). We will include it in our catalog, handle orders and do the shipping, while you reap the rewards. Read more in Distribution with Akina.PDF

Historical note: PolySciTech® products have formerly carried the names Polycelle, Hytrocell, Stentrix®, PolyShield (now AK01-AK08) and χtopore (xtopore).


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